Historic Invisible Storm Windows

What is a storm window?

A storm window is a window that is placed in front of or behind an existing window, creating a dead air space between the two units.

If the storm window is custom made to fit the existing window opening— you will gain:

Our low profile makes it possible to enjoy the benefits of a storm window without taking away the character of your existing window. 

Historic Invisible Storm Windows manufactures custom made storm windows in any shape (including bowed), size, or any custom color.  In addition, we have 7 standard colors for you to choose from -  white, black, beige, bronze, brick red, hunter green, cream.  A mill finish is also available.

All of our standard & custom  paint finishes are Imron® Aliphatic Polyurethane Enamel based on patented DuPont resin technology, producing properties of both polyurethane and acrylic polyurethane.  This highly durable finish delivers industry leading polyurethane performance.

Meets ASTM Standards

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